WEEK 5 Black ArmBand Tuesdays

Its an election week so today we ruffled some feathers. We’ve been gathering outside Chief Minister Giles’ office for some weeks. Every Tuesday 12 – 2 . Giles knew kids were being tortured in prison and he did nothing. He is scrambling to keep is seat which really doesn’t look likely.

So gathered outside Giles’ office the first thing we get a man from the electorial commision saying we can’t be near the building because he is classifying our material as “electorial material”. He gets pretty hot under the collar. He’s not really sure of the rules, but he is certain of his arbitrary power to move us to the other side of the road.

On the other side of the road, rangers show up and say that we can’t be there without a permit.  Which is ridiculous, here standing with some cardboard signs, if they were actually electorial material as old mate from the electorial commission had classified them, there would be no worries. But the rangers classify it as protest material. The rangers informed us that due to council by-laws we would need a permit to protest on that street, if they got another complaint (presumably from Giles’ office) they would have to get the cops involved. They then told us we couldn’t get a permit because the permit person was out to lunch. Gotta luv alice springs. PS.If any lawyer wants to get in touch about contesting council by-laws on the grounds of right to protest, don’t hesitate 😉



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