WEEK 8 Black ArmBand Tuesday

Every week we meet for Black ArmBand Tuesdays to protest the incarceration of young people. This week Nigel finally came to see us, albeit in cardboard and texta form, with a punched in nose.

In the recent elections we have seen the ousting of Elferink and Giles. The Third politician responsible for the abuse in Don Dale is Nigel Scullion ‘Minister for Indigenous Affairs’ he knew about the gross abuses of Human Rights, the absolutely abhorrent, almost unspeakable things done to young people in prisons in the NT and did nothing. When asked about it said, it may have crossed his desk but it didn’t “peak his interest”. Shame on you Nigel. We will hold you to account.

We are here every tuesday council lawns 12 – 2pm come down.


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