National and International day against Police and Corrections Brutality


The most recent aboriginal death in custody was in SA only a few weeks ago. #JusticeForFella  Latoya Rule, his sister, called an national day of action against police and corrections brutality. In Adelaide on Friday indigenous people and non-indigenous allies had a sit-in on a major intersection, blockading those main roads. The call to action was not only for Fella but for Miss Dhu, Dennis Doolan and Dylan Voller, for their deaths and the torture they’ve faced at the hands of a systemically racist system.

In Mparntwe we had a BBQ and a photo shoot, and short film screening in solidarity. We listened to the speeches made here in Mparntwe by strong indigenous women, (Barb Shaw, MK Turner, Amelia Turner and Mitch) after the 4corners report came out and we heard the audio and video from the Adelaide action yesterday. Thanks Latoya for your strength and courage, it is so good to get to share your message of resistance, especially in a town like Alice.

There were also actions across the US as part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement


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