Speak up: Let’s do that together

Media Release

Human Rights Day Alice Springs, speaking out about abuse in Youth Detention.
6th Dec 2016 Alice Springs

Media Opportunity from 5.30pm Saturday 10 Dec Todd Mall lawns.

This Saturday Alice Springs residents will be celebrating Human Rights Day by calling for an end to the abuses and torture seen in youth detention in the NT and an end to child incarceration.
From 5.30pm on Saturday there will be a BBQ, Music, and Speakers at the uniting church lawns Todd Mall.

Yesterday at the Northern Territory Royal Commission Hamburger told the hearing of the excessive and punitive use of isolation chambers how children were kept in harsh concrete cells, and that the centre was run as a “human storage facility”.

This week the Royal Commission is hearing evidence from Dylan Voller and Jake Roper two young people who were brutalised whilst in detention at the Don Dale facility.

One of the speakers will be Christine Palmer, a proud Aranda Kaytetye woman

We need to support Joanne and Dylan and their family. And I want to thank the people who brought out that footage of what they did to our children and kept it hidden from us.”It’s time for all of us now to come together and take on the injustice system of the Northern Territory. We have a system that’s been broken down for a long time. Our children are having their basic human rights abused behind closed doors.” said Palmer

Joanne Voller will be in Sydney for the Human Rights Day event there. She will be there speaking out about her worries for her son’s safety, Dylan Voller who remains incarcerated.

How can he freely give evidence when he remains in that place of torture and brutality?” said Joanne Voller.

The NT corrections minister has refused to meet with her, even though the situation for Dylan is critical.

The UN human rights day 2016 theme is speak up so let’s do that together on Saturday. Come and join us and speak out.” said Christine Palmer

Media Opportunity from 5.30pm Saturday Todd Mall lawns.

For comment from Joanne Voller or Christine Palmer

contact Media Liason Meret MacDonald

0456 475 810


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