Grandmother of vulnerable witness speaks out against institutionalised racism in Alice Springs

Today was another big day in the Royal Commission. In the morning we heard a harrowing account from BY of his time in Don Dale, being terrified, trapped, getting chocked by fire extinguisher gas then left chained to a fence, facing horrendous levels of discomfort; he had to mop down the floor with his shorts so as to not sit in a wet cell.

We also heard from his grandmother CA of the institutionalised racism that exists here in Alice, “aboriginal kids get put in a box”, how families are cut out of the process, how this leads to young people getting targeted by police and the injustice system, and leads to the cycle of being trapped within the prison system. Outside of court she detailed to us how they would have to get a white non-indigenous family member to inquire about their son at the police station, because the indigenous family members would be ignored by the police.

Thank you our thoughts are with you BY and your family. You are a very brave man.


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