Jimmy Sizeland of notorious Jimmy’s Boys at #NTRC

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Today James (Jimmy) Sizeland of the now notorious “Jimmy’s Boys” Former Assistant General Manager of Don Dale, was on at the Royal Commission into Child Detention and Protection. Jimmy’s Boys refers to the group of guards that worked at Don Dale who were trained fighters, amateur and professional, that were afforded special treatment to do what they wanted within the prison, these include Zamolo and Kelleher.

In the morning on examination by the counsel assisting the royal commission, Jimmy initially appeared smug happy to pull shots at management, the dysfunction of the “situation” or the “environment”
Examination by Callaghan Counsel Assisting RC:
– Jimmy wasn’t sure why he got he job, he had “ no training for working with kids”
– Jimmy, an amateur boxer, would run informal trainings of guards, without informing the training staff (De Souza) and without a paper trail.
– All resources for training were “put on hold” by corrections commissioner as there were all directed to new adult prison.
-DCF were unhelpful, nonchalant.
– ran a boxing program that was latter shut down by management.
– Jimmy agrees that the BMU was a “waste of time” and counsel assisting then asks whether it is “just an act of cruelty”, Jimmy cannot agree to those words.

But as Jimmy was in a managerial position this, smug deference to superiors quickly unraveled for him. When questioned about the Individual Case Management Plans that were seemingly a cut and paste job, with clearly no attention given to their editing, he had little to say. He could not answer when the Callaghan drew that there may have been children in isolation with no case management plan. This poor bookkeeping was then underlined with his apparent ignorance that it was his responsibility to keep a use of force register.

Commissioner White questions him on why they could not have even cleaned any of the cells, her disgust is palpable.

Evidence called into question multiple times during the cross examination
1) Jimmy who tear gassed kids in the Don Dale incident shown in the 4corners report, agrees to knowing the directive for the use of gas in jails, yet that directive clearly specifically refers to the use of gas in adult prisons. While Jimmy agrees to Lawrence’s (Counsel for AD) blow by blow recount of the incident there comes a point where Jimmy starts to lose his memory. Jimmy cannot recall who the Youth Justice Officer that was ramming the door was. That is unbelievable. He says that there were 15 – 20 people there including dog squad, (which is an overestimate) most of whom he works with and manages. It is clear that the commissioners find it hard to believe him too. White continues to question him on it. And he continues to not recall.

2) Jimmy cannot settle on whether or not his evidence he tabled to both the Supreme court and the Royal Commission is true and correct. He is unsure whether detainee AJ punched him or not, saying No then Yes, its unclear.

3) The poor book keeping of individual case plans and use of force register, and apparent attempt to explain it away.

4) How AJ was tackled. In his evidence AJ says Jimmy stomped on his head whilst Zamolo and Kelleher were holding him down. Last week Zamolo and Kelleher said they held AJ down, Kelleher said he tackled him with a rugby tackle, and both said they held his arms. Today Jimmy said he took AJ down by himself held his arms and was lying underneath him.


-DonDale CCTV was only saved if requested by external agencies such as the Police or childrens commissioner.

-Otherwise DonDale CCTV was destroyed after 2 – 3days/

– So if a kid wanted to make a complaint to the commissioner but was put in isolation (say after an incident) for a few days, the CCTV would have already been destroyed once the kid was out of isolation in a position to make a complaint.


This news story today from vulnerable witness:


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