Media Release: Elijah story could happen here, 100 people occupy Supreme Court in Alice Springs

Photos and Vision available on request

Mparntwe (Alice Springs) 28 July 2017

Today one hundred people peacefully occupied the Alice Springs Supreme Court for JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH. Elijah Dougherty was a young boy killed in a racist attack in Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA in 2016. Alice Springs residents are concerned that a culture of racism within Alice Springs expressed on the Alice Springs Community Open Forum Facebook group could lead to violent attacks against young people here. Attached are screenshots of incitement to violence and death directed towards Aboriginal young people in Alice Springs.

Some of the Alice Springs Community Open Forum facebook posts were read out, screen shots are attached at bottom of the media release:
“Why didn’t you accelerate and run the little pricks over! – Jan Williams”
“Cops can only do so much unfortunately but oh well time to upgrade the bullbar – Henry Stephens”
“Let’s just walk the streets and beat up every last one of the fucks – Nathan Kenneth Bruce Stengert”

“They lock us out of justice! this little fella was mowed down killed. There is no justice for Aboriginal people in Australia. 200 years of genocide and its still happening!” said Trisha Morton Thomas an Alice Springs Resident

People gathered out front of the court, holding photos of Elijah Dougherty. Speakers raised concerns for young people in Alice Springs. Elijah’s story could happen here.

“What do I teach my kids as a mother? Don’t touch something or you’ll get shot? What happened to teaching kids about what’s fair?” said Joanne Voller, an Alice Springs resident

“What we all know is that if it was a non-Aboriginal boy that was mowed down in Kalgoolie, the killer would be sitting in jail and rotting in jail, our people get put in jail for spitting on the street!” – said Trisha Morton-Thomas an Alice Springs Resident

The Supreme Court locked its doors to the residents. Outside the Supreme Court one person was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. This charge had no grounds. The local court also closed its doors to the residents, as did the police station.

The action coincided with Justice For Elijah actions this week across the country.

“I, Dylan Voller, will fight for the justice for my brother Elijah and everyone else, my heart goes out to his family” said Dylan Voller, an Alice Springs Resident


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