Dylan Voller, still free, still standing up for what’s right

Dylan Voller remains free after his court hearing for breach of parole was adjourned for 6 weeks. The hearing had been called after NT police filed a charge yesterday, asserting that Dylan’s infringement notice qualified as a breach of parole.

Dylan received an infringement notice when protesting aboriginal deaths in custody last week. If the breach is upheld by the court, Dylan Voller will have to return to jail to complete his sentence after living 8 months peacefully in the community.

Dylan left the supreme court building to meet his sister, grandmothers and friends.

“[I] shouldn’t have been in court for exercising our rights [to protest] deaths in custody.”

“It was only a week ago that we lost another death in custody. Tane Chatfield.”

Fronting the media after his hearing in court, Dylan asserted that while he regretted that the police made the arrest, he did not regret standing up to injustice.

“I’d do a protest any other day of the week because it’s a cause I stand for.

“I’m pretty confused to… [be going through] the same justice system that doesn’t give us justice anyway.

“I think the justice system [shouldn’t] stand down people looking for justice.”

Less than a week after Dylan and many others marched through the Alice Springs town centre up to the Stuart Highway, a group of grandmothers met in front of the Supreme court to read a statement of support for Dylan and his mother, Joanne, who they say continue to face harassment from NT police.

“We should all have a fair go.

We’re not moving on [We’re going back].

The protesters broke no laws.”

The police continue to visit Joanne Voller’s house with multiple paddy wagons to investigate what they claim to be illegal fires, which, it turns out, are backyard fires used to cook roo-tail.

In the week since the protest, with the NT police and online commentators decrying last Friday’s rally as a ‘waste of police resources’, Dylan denounced NT police’s hypocrisy.

“Three times they’ve come to my mother’s house to harass her.

Police who complain about a waste of resources used in response to the rally, yet the police willingly spend lots of resources harassing Joanne Voller over cooking roo-tail in the backyard.”

Facing possible prison time, Dylan felt heartbroken, particularly given the example he’s set for young people around the country.

“It’d be heartbreaking [to go back to prison]. I’ve had young people from Kalgoorlie, Sydney, asking me why I’m going back.”




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