Media Release: Families directly affected from the Royal Commission call for calm

Grandparents Group, and Shut Youth Prisons, acknowledges the release of the Royal Commission report. Today there will be a rally from 4pm calling for Kids in Country Not in Custody and a meeting for wider community discussion at 5.30pm at the Andy McNeil Room Alice Springs. One of the key recommendations from the Royal Commission is to Close Don Dale

“Sack the guards and redress the brutality suffered by young people and families in prison and now on the street. That must be the first step. We need accountability. Chief Minister Gunner must come and listen to us” said Sylvia Purrurle Neale from Grandparents Group

“While we agree in part with the Royal commission recommendations we reject the Gunner governments response alluding to prison expansion and their lack of support for Indigenous-led alternatives.” Dr Hilary Tyler, from Shut Youth Prisons

“We don’t support any violence, we want peace in our community for everyone. It’s our children our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all the community – we request a meeting with Gunner and Wakefield, what we are hearing now is not good enough” said Doreen Nungala from Grandparents Group Arrernte and Luritja woman

“Just saying sorry doesn’t cut it, you knew about this. The government lacks the ability to manage youth detention centres, they have neglected complaints, reports and commissions again and again over decades” said Doreen from Grandparents Group

“Kids in country not in custody, that’s where we need to be. We need our kids in a safe place, looked after by community and out on homelands. It’s not just about buildings and staff training. We don’t need more prisons – we need this change to be Indigenous led: We need to get people out of poverty.” said Pamela Kngwarraye Lynch from Grandparents Group

“We are here because they didn’t implement the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. In specific number 60. We can’t let this commission be left on the shelf.” said Pamela Kngwarraye Lynch from Grandparents Group

“Child protection is not protecting our kids from detention. The government does not protect our kids. Kids lose culture and language, removal is genocidal. It must be changed and must be Indigenous-led” said Elaine, grandmother, from Grandparents Group

“What is lacking is the goodwill from government. There has never been any goodwill, if there was goodwill to us as a people – we wouldn’t be where we are today” said Sylvia Purrurle Neale from Grandparents Group


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