Media Release: Alice Springs Grandmothers support National Action Plan for Youth Justice

Media Release:
Alice Springs Grandmothers support Change the Record’s National Action Plan
27th Nov 2017 Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

Grandmothers Group in Alice Springs releases a statement in support of the National Action Plan for Youth Justice. Today in Canberra the coalition Change the Record released a National Action Plan for Youth Justice. Change the Record is a coalition of leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, human rights and community organisations. For more information:

Grandmothers Statement for Change the Record National Plan of Action launch

27th Nov 2017

We are the Grandmothers group based in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

We agree and support that the Commissioners Margaret White and Mick Gooda have found systemic failures within the justice system and governance in the NT.

One of these failures is that there is no real consultation process. With all levels of government there is a lack of consultation with Aboriginal communities. The Chief Minister Michael Gunner says ‘we’ when it pleases him, but leave us, Apmere-Artweye and Kwertengurle out of the decision making.

The lack of implementation of the following reports clearly exemplify this systemic failure and lack of consultation.
– the 339 recommendations of the original Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody 1991

-the 54 recommendations of the Bringing them Home Report of 1997.
-the UN declaration on the rights of Indigenous People

-the UN declaration on the rights of children

The Intervention is a catastrophic systemic failure. They took away our basic human rights, the money jobs and everything. We want our community control reinstated and our human rights recognized.

We want our children in country not in custody. Stop hurting our children. The Northern Territory Government has not done enough to support the children and families that have been traumatised and abused. Police and corrections are still using excessive force, and manhandling our kids. The Territory Response Group is not the answer – our children are not terrorists.
The care and protection of children act 2007 is not working properly. Our children are not being protected.
We call on the Chief Minister Gunner to come meet with us here in Alice Springs.
We want to be part of the Aboriginal–led solutions.

We want to be part of the national plan of action, because we are the people on the ground who are suffering. Our young ones are getting hurt.


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