Media Alert: No Contact with Families for Don Dale Kids

No Contact with Families for Don Dale Kids: Alice Springs Families and Residents continue to be misinformed by Northern Territory Government

Concerns for children incarcerated in Darwin intensifies as families continue to be misled by Territory Families and Northern Territory Police. Families continue to not have contact with their children.

Representatives of Territory Families and Minister Dale Wakefield’s office yesterday informed families of children detained in the Darwin city watch house that they would receive phone calls from their children after 5pm last night. These phone calls would be facilitated by the YORET Territory Families Team.
Families in Mparntwe/Alice Springs did not receive phone calls from their children and have not had any contact since the Don Dale uprising on Tuesday the 6th of November.

In a Press Conference the Northern Territory Police Minister, Nicole Manison, indicated that detainnees would be moved to Don Dale last night “potentially 9 – 10 detainees back out there” (9 news 9/11/2018). Families have called the Don Dale detention centre this morning and have been informed that there are no detainees there.

There have been indications that children incarcerated in the Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre will be transferred to Don Dale. Families are deeply worried for their children and reject this option.

Therapeutic and culturally informed services such as Bush Mob and WYDAC Mt Theo Program have capacity to look after some of the detained children. Figures Oct 2018 indicate that 19 of the 25 children are on remand.

Media Liaison
Meret MacDonald
0456 475 810


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