Shut Youth Prisons Mparntwe – we are a local action group in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) working towards the abolishment of youth prisons in Australia.

There is growing outrage across Australia at the incarceration of young people.

A report recently aired on Australian National TV (Four Corners) revealed the systemic abuse towards incarcerated youth that has occurred for decades under the watch of the Australian Government. The report showed video footage of children incarcerated in the Dondale Youth Detention Centre being abused by correctional officers and highlighted unethical practices such as extended solitary confinement, which is a direct violation of the UN Constitution for Children’s Rights.

Full access to the report, including the footage that was aired can be found within the following link: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2016/07/25/4504895.htm

98% of the youth incarcerated in Australia are Aboriginal and that the Australian Government has a long history of writing policies that denigrate, oppress, and further marginalise the Australian Aboriginal population.

We are calling for the abolishment of child prisons in Australia, demanding that the age of criminal responsibility be raised to 18, reinvestment in community-based therapeutic youth services and that the Australian Government sack the ministers who had knowledge of the child abuse but did not act when they received the information. Two of the politicians involved have already lost their seats.

We believe that no child should be sentenced to prison and that community-based therapeutic intervention is essential for social wellness, equality and ‘closing the gap’.